Our Story

Aerokure ®, superior products that are environmentally friendly

The Aerokure adventure began in Sherbrooke with the creation of a type of flypaper. It was 1933. Aeroxon Fly Catchers of Canada would later become Aerokure International, a Canadian company specializing in manufacturing and distributing effective high-quality products to control insects and other pests.

Our mission

Our objective is to improve your family’s quality of life day-to-day with practical and proven products for home or commercial use. User satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our team is constantly studying insects, their life cycles, habitats and feeding habits in order to meet our customers’ needs and suggest innovative solutions.

Protecting the environment is also fundamental to Aerokure’s mission. The company develops and distributes environmentally friendly pest control products that are safe and non-toxic for humans to use.

Products also designed for professionals

Our products are also available in large formats for extermination specialists and horticulturists.

Raw materials

All products developed and sold by Aerokure International are made from the highest quality raw materials and are guaranteed against material or manufacturing defects. We use paper and cardboard containing recycled woody material.

At Aerokure, maintaining our products’ quality is everyone’s business, from our raw material and packaging buyers to logistics staff and the workers who manufacture the products.

Aerokure® products are made in Canada, the USA and Europe. Our products are distributed from the Atlantic to the Pacific through our network of representatives and wholesalers.